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Rule Your Local Market Place

•  What if we get You on the Front Page of Google Places for Your Market Search?
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Local Places Business Listing

     Your Google Places Business Listing will contain vital information on Your business, such as hours of operation, coupons, special offers, contact information, and even interactive maps and driving directions.

         If You already have a website, this too, is included. This Magnetizes Search Engine Traffic that funnels new customers to Your existing web presence.

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First Page Google Ranking

Dominate Search Engine

      Business with 1st Page Rankings for their specific business type and location Dominate the Search Engines. They are ultimately rewarded with new customers. (Remember implementing Video is a must!)

       It is our Goal to get You there! If You are already on 1st Page, our Goal is to Keep You there.

     With 55% Searches being done with Mobile Devices, this is the Most Targeted Ever Advertising Your business can get. It reaches Your perfect customers at the precise time they are looking for information to purchase from Your type of business.


Community Directory



Automate Customer Testimonial



    We make it Easy by making available to You Social Igniter Cards to encourage your customers to input a testimonial review on Google, Yelp, CitySearch, etc.   With Google’s change in Algorithms, it is necessary for the client to input a testimonial or review from their IP address, unique to them.  That can be their cell phone or home computer which is their personal address.  Google frowns on all testimonials being done from 1 computer or IPad.  Our goal is to systematically get you authentic, consistent positive reviews that do not appear as spam.


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       Remember, the Key benefits to being on Page One of Google or other top search engines is that you get more traffic.

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